Welcome to Ryo-Ohki's Playground!

Hi. I'm Ryo-Ohki, A Cute Little Cabbit. I know there are a thousand Ryo-Ohki's on the internet, but I am the one who plays Team Fortress with aCLC. what's aCLC? The Cutest Quake clan ever, that's what! it stands for (you guessed it) A Cute Little Clan. Why? because we are all cute. Sure, you might ask why cute little things like us fight, and we'd tell you. There are an awful lot of big ugly people out there to kill us Cute Little Folks. People like Seppuku. And there are a lot of people who just like to kill cute things. So one day, me'n Dolly and Teddy Bear were just sittin around and KA-BOOM! It came to us. We had to defend oursleves, so we would band together. We formed a quake clan, dedicated to the preservation of the cute and helpless. We trained hard so that we wouldn't let ourselves or those who needed our protection down. Now, we might not be the baddest or the best clan around (hard to be when you're so small), but we sure are the Nicest and Cutest!

We're still working on our clan stuff right now. We don't have a whole lot of members or anything like that. So there are only a few more bits to our page right now. but more sure are coming!


Fatmonkey1.gif (6098 bytes)The Bios Page (Incomplete at this time)

foxkub.gif (6011 bytes) The Other aCLC Page, Put up by A Cute Little Fuzzy. Has a cool site name....

ryocarot.gif (2972 bytes) History Page of the aCLC

amiohki.gif (18188 bytes)The Maps and Programs page!